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There aint noone that can buy our innocence

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LINDZ*...cigarettes & stiletto's

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Patiently..I'll wait for you there..Like a stone [24 Jan 2004|04:17pm]
Hey douchebags. If im still on your friends list, you're ridiculous. I haven't updated this bitch in about 5 months. I have a new name x_ac0ustic. Add me there, if you please.

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CALLLLLLLLLLLER [29 Jul 2003|05:09pm]
Somebody called my cellphone and left a message. Its from online because it was out of area and they said something about my horrible voicemail that i need to change and said "we wont go there" or some shit. lmfaooooooooo. if you called me let me know because i accidently deleted it with the number.
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FRIENDS 0NLY! [27 Jul 2003|11:02am]
title or description

Yea bitches, you got it. It's friends ONLY.
1.Comment to be added
2.Add me to your list
3.I'll read your journal and if i like, i'll add you back
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im so bored. [27 Jul 2003|12:11am]
[my name is]: Lindsey

[in the morning i am]: Aware. I dont have trouble waking up.

[i dream about]: guys with guitars. eee =)

-H A V E .Y O U. E V E R . .

[pictured your crush naked?]: um no?

[actually seen your crush naked]: i dont have a crush actually

[been in love] : no

[cried when someone died]: yes

[lied]: yes

-W H I C H . I S . B E T T E R-

[coke or pepsi]: neither.

[flowers or candy]: flowers

[tall or short]: TALLLLLLLLLLLL. a perfect height for a girl is 5'8"(me lol) and perfect height for a guy is 6'1"-6'3"

[beach or mountians]: beach

[winter or summer] summer

[italin or chinese food] italian

[girls or guys] sexually? or ...what?

[cats or dogs] dogs

[crazy or calm] both

[drunk or high] drunk.

-W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-

[what do you notice first?]: eyes,hair,lips

[last person u slow danced with]: tyler

[worst question to ask]: "whats up"

[which is worse liking someone who doesn't like you or having someone you don't like like you]EASY. have someone like me that i dont like, that way i dont look dumb. =) duh.

-W H O-

[makes you laugh the most?]: Rachel.Kelly on aim. Drunkin bitches. I laugh at everything.

[makes you smile]: Shopping. Hugs. Compliments. Working out.

[gives you a funny feeling when you see them]: PENIS. LOL im kidding. I have no idea.

[do you have a crush on?]: none

[has a crush on you?]: idk

[easiest to talk to]: rachel

[do you wanna spend the rest of yourr life with]: GARY COLEMAN

[do you wanna make out with]: everyone. im going round the block fa sho!

[are you with right now]: rachel

[do you hate]: people with bad attitudes

[wanna kill]: you

[wanna be with right now]: my bed

[are you talking to online]: kelly and ariel. Gah im a loser.

[are you thinking about]:my bed

D O. Y O U .E V E R-

[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you?]: no sorry

[save aol/aim conversations]: if its a fight and its funny

[wish you were a member of the opposite sex]: for a day. IF I WAS MALE FOR A DAY, i would stare at my penis in the mirror all day. LOL so true. i would.

[cried because of someone saying something to you]: yea

[prank call]: yea man

[im people you don't know]: no. people do that to me.

[stay up really late on aol]: yuh

-H A V E .Y O U .E V E R-

[fallen for your best friend]: LMFAO. no.

[been rejected]: not that i recall.

[rejected someone]: rejected in dating wise? if not, i reject people all the time

[used someone]: no

[been cheated on]: nope

[done something you regret]: no


:x: pretty = no

:x: funny = yea

:x: hot = no

:x: friendly = yea

:x: amusing = all the time, bitches

:x: ugly = thats harsh.

:x: lovable = although hateable

:x: pessimistic = i guess

:x: optimistic = hmm..

:x: caring = sure

:x: sweet = sure

:x: dorky = most def.


:x: Wallet = Its a tape player wallet, its really cool. I got it at soho boutique and shit. Its black and zips and on the outside its like a tape thing. fuck me, shit,

:x: Hairbrush = Whatever i can find, because i usually wear my hari curly which envolves no brush.

:x: Toothbrush = hot pink+white

:x: Jewelery worn daily = depends

:x: Pillow cover = asian print

:x: Blanket = down comforter

:x: Coffee cup = a cup out of the dishwasher? shit dont get technical

:x: Favorite top = dont know

:x: CD in stereo right now = white stripes. eek.

:x: What you are wearing now = White sheer shirt with hot pink cami underneath,blue soffee shorts, and im wearing my hotpink converse to wear them in

:x: Hair = low bun thing thats curly. its cute actualy

:x: Make up = yea

-W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N-

[who called you]:kelly

[you called]: grandma

[hugged]: dunno

[you instant messaged]: i dont message people. they message me.

[you laughed with]: rachel

-D O .Y O U-

[color your hair]: yea

[ever get off the damn computer]: Of course not, i update 300 times a day.

[habla espanol]: ehh not very well

-D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-

[smoke cigarettes]: sometimes when i crave

[obsessive]: body

[could you live without the computer?]: yea

[how many peeps are on your buddylist?]: 200

[what's your favorite food?]: pasta(WHICH I NEVER EAT)

[whats ur favorite fruit?]: watermelon and oranges

[drink alchohol?]: yea

[a virgin?]: yea =) of cawse.

[like watching sunrises or sunset]: YESSSSSSsss

[what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?]: Emotional

[trust others way too easily?]: sometimes

-N U M B E R-

[of hearts i have broken?] : none that i know of?

[of continents i have lived in?] : one

[of drugs taken illegally?] : 1

[of tight friends?] : 4

[of cd's that i own?] : probably 20? not alot

[of scars on my body?] : 2

I KNOW: im bored

I WANT: to shop more

I HAVE: a boner. LOL. im kidding

I WISH: i was happy with myself

I HATE: school

I MISS: seaside and everything in florida

I FEAR: spiders,being alone

I HEAR: myself typing

I SEARCH: ur pants

I WONDER: what my mom is doign now

I LOVE: my friends and family

I ACHE: for working out. hehe

I CARE: abotu everybody

I ALWAYS: mess up

I AM NOT: good enough

I DANCE: everday

I scream: at nobody

I CRY: often

I DO NOT ALWAYS: put myself before others

I WRITE: in my lj

I WIN: ?

I LOSE: my credit card a day after getting it. I FOUND IT.

I CONFUSE: myself

I LISTEN TO: music

I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: hanging out, or workiong out

I NEED: to go to bed

I AM HAPPY WHEN I AM: with my friends

I SHOULD: stop filling this out

OMGGGGG. so for my 600th post today, thsi is by far the most boring. it took like an hour to fill out. FUCK THAT, yO!
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[26 Jul 2003|06:34pm]
Rachel has crashed asleeped. Im dancing around in my mini skirt and hot pink converse.

I bought 2 pairs. Plus i want those kangaroo shit shoes. They;re pink and green. I want another pair of navy converse. I want checkerboard vans. I want more shoes for school.

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I meant CROTCH. Jesus holy mother of insanity, why did i say "chrouch", lmfao. I seriously need my sleep. Me and rach both do, we were hyped and ready to work out at 6am, that quickly faded.

Omg my voice mail is soooooo gaysome. Call it if you wanna hear, i need to change it, we were having fun and shit and its gay. Dont be scurrrrred
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*((S.K.U.M [26 Jul 2003|10:48am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hello lovelies.

Me and rachel chilled last night, talked, hung out ,laughed. I had to pee soooo bad, i go in her bathroom and a HUGE spider is like out and ready for action,i scream. We debate who should kill it, while i run around doing the pee pee dance grabbing my chrouch yelling "ITS COMING OUT". We're laughing and the spider is like going 100mph ready to kill me, i cant die like this, i look like shit. Her dad comes out and kills it. Thennnnn we;re trying to get something out her brothers room when "its my party and ill cry if it want to" blast on the radio out of nowheres. It was sooo freaky for it to just come on. We had so much fun, we havn't slept in 24 hours.

Today im going to the mall and movies with her and cullen. Cullen leaves for boarding school in september, and we are veddy veddy sad. He has the cutest shag things going on, it needs to be longer though.

SOOORRRY my post is so lame, i need to get ready.

I just fed and watered the DOG KENNEL DOWN. my parents are trying to kill me, im spraying down a kennel full of dog shit while flys are attacking my leg and i have dogs leaping out. Im the meanest dog sitter. They better pay me atleast 100 dollars a day for this, its NOT easy.

We're starting a band. Called the S.K.U.M's. Secretly killing ugly midgets. LMFAO omg, we smoke too much crack. We sat there for an hour laughing about it even though its not funny. WAHHOOOO. Its time for some retail therepy.

Thanks everyone for replying so sweetly to my last post. I love you muchesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss amiga's. And i'll never amount to the beauty of any of you, because your all amazing inside and out. MUAHZ

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*((If i could tell the world just one, it would be. That we're all OK. [25 Jul 2003|03:39pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I didn't mention my dream, it sucked.

I had a dream i was at the beach with a bunch of friends(none of them i know in real life), with my grandma? lmfao. And i gave everybody a kiss, (i kiss my friends. on the cheek in real life), and then this guy goes "your really pretty. but only when you have makeup on".

It crushed me, i've never had that said to me, BUT its how i feel about myself. But any dream decoder people, if you know what that might mean, let me know.

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(**Let her cry, let the tears fall down like rain [25 Jul 2003|03:25pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


Ok life is good, its about 12:15 at night, im working out a little, and counting down the minutes until Jenny Jones. All the sudden the lights flicker, they go off. My computer,tv,everything goes out. Im in shock, i stop breathing it seems like for a few minutes. I run across my messy room, and try to turn on the lights, the power is OUT. I hate being in pitch black with nothing to do, im not tired, and im scared, so i run to my bed and burry my face in my pillows. I sit there for about an hour, sweating because obviously the AC went off. My mom comes in my room with this really big flashlight that lights up a whole room, we start talking about her flight for los angeles, and i end up following her in the kitchen, she tells me shes going to bed and im like "NOOO", because im scared as fuck with candles. I feel like the fucking devil worshiper prayer service shit, she leaves her door open. And i sit in the kitchen reading *GASP* alloy magazine, then the flashlight goes off. Im stuck reading with a candle. I sit there for about 30 minutes when everything turns on again, i get overly excited then it shuts off. Back to reality. Im sitting there again, with my step dad SNORING as loud as holy fuck. The alarm starts going off, i have my stepdads brother(aka stalker) in the room next to mine and im waiting for him to walk out and sit with me and really make me scared.Finally it turns back on, but it was MUCH MUCH more hectic then it sounds. I realized how much of a baby i was, my face sat in my pillow for about an hour saying "TURN ON TURN ON". I missed jenny jones =*(

My parents have LEFT, my mom didn't say bye to me or anything. Lmfao, shes like molesting my cellphone and it wont work, so i have an exuse not to talk to her. I guess she got there and her plane didn't "crash" as she made it sound like was going to happen.

I have no idea what im doing tonight, i did an alchohal search in my house, because last time i remember we had some malibu. All we have is wine, and i really dont feel like drinking that shit.

probably going to rachels tonight. if not, ill stay by meself! =) yay. my mom was like "have whoever over. except laura,shes trouble" LMFAO. i havn't seen her in like forever.

SORRRRRRRY my post was long. penis penis penis. i love you.

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*((Go to sleep, little angel. [25 Jul 2003|01:40am]
[ mood | energetic ]

HECTIC NIGHT. I will write more about it tomorrow, and reply to my comments. Ciao Lindz. Only filling out some of this

Do you dream at night? yea
Do you remember your dreams? Yea, and they make so much sense then, yet when i try to figure them out once iwake up, it makes no sense. I dreamed once i was pregnant, and my baby died. I have weird dreams.
What time do you go to bed usually? Summer? 2am-6am
What time do you wake up normally? 11am-2pm
Do you sleep with one pillow or two? Tonz of pillows

Do you have heaps of friends? I went to school with a class of 95, for 9 years. They are all my really good friends. So i would say yea.
Do you have a best friend? a couple
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends? girls, but i like hanging out with guys more, they are less catty and bitchy.
Do you ever get annoyed at any friend? all the time
Have you ever lied to a friend? yea
Have you ever stolen a friends boyfriend/girlfriend? nope

Have you ever been drunk? Yep
Taken drugs? yea. =/
Stolen? Not seriously buttt yes
Shoplifted? yes. omg i sound like a criminal
Tried to commit suicide? no
Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend? no
gotten into a fight? Yep. 2 people. MY OWN SISTER, and this other girl, even though all i did was slap her.
Are you racist? no way
Do you have an open or closed mind to other peoples beliefs and feelings? VERY OPEN!

Do you watch tons of tv? Only my favorite shows. But the way i talk about them on here, it seems like im an addict.
How many times have you been to the movies in the past 6 months? 1
Do you listen to the radio often? no
Do you read the newspaper? sometimes. the death page. =/
Do you read magazines? yes
Are you a couch potato? i try not to be. i work out while watching tv most of the time =)
Do you use the internet too much? lol maybeee

Whats your fave style of music? EVERYTHING
Do you play an instrument? guitar
Do you sing? YES!
Whats your fave band? I have a million
Name 3 cds that youve bought in that last year: Norah Jones,3 doors down,Staind
Why did you buy them? I like them?

Are you funny or serious? Im funny, i like to joke no doubt, i know how to get down to business and i know how to carry an intellectual conversation, which im sure nobody on here has experienced from me =)
Creative or not? Very
Logical thinker or lateral thinker? hmm.
Are you outgoing or shy? Very outgoing, although im so self concious that its hard for me to walk up to people and just start talking because im like "I wonder what they think about me" which is my biggest negative. Im working on it though.
Are you lazy or active? Both. In summer im lazy, but i have the right to be. During the school year, im very active.

Are you happy with the way you look? NEVER
What would you change? Alot.
Do you wear makeup regularly? yep =)
Do you have a large wardrobe? yea i guess.

Do you have a job? no
Are you a saver or a spender? spender
Do you work hard or slack off? hard worker
Ever had money stolen from you? yea
Are you always broke? mom and dads money. =/

~embarassing moments~
Your all time most embarassing moment? Falling asleep in class and snoring, omg lmfao. I also sleep talk, so thinking that i could of busted out with cuss words scares me.
Ever snorted drink out your nose? no
Ever giggled like an idiot? YES. when i laugh hard, i sound like sharon osbourne,lmfao.
Ever embarassed yourself and pretedned nothing happened? all the time
Ever tripped in front of someone you liked? no
Ever said soemthing really stupid? yea
Ever snorted while laughing? probably
Ever fallen off a bed? yes
Ever sleepwalked? no
Ever sleeptalked? yes. and when i was like 5 i stuck my hands in my pants, and all my sisters friends were laughing at me. lmfao.

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*((Thanks Jenna [24 Jul 2003|08:39pm]
five details about your appearance right now.
[x] No make-up
[x] hair done and curly
[x] wearing stilettoish shoes for fun. I went from 5'8" to 5'11"+
[x] Wearing a jacket, because im cold. HAHA its like 110 degrees out too.
[x] Smooth legs? Lol i ran out, and i just shaved my legs so yea.

five things you did today.
[x] nothing
[x] took a shower
[x] text messaged
[x] slept
[x] watched oprah. god lindsey, go run a mile.

five things that everyone should know about you.
[x] Im very body obsessed
[x] Im outgoing and outspoken
[x] I have an obsession with gary coleman! ILY GARY!
[x] Aside from shitting around on livejournal, im a good writer.
[x] Being told i look older is something i hear ALL the time.

five groups/artists you listened to yesterday.
[x] Matchbox20
[x] Tonic
[x] Tool
[x] Lifehouse
[x] Fleetwood Mac

five things that make you happy.
[x] Hugs
[x] shopping
[x] music
[x] friends
[x] working out

five things that disgust you.
[x] 45 year old astroworld workers who tell me my legs are beautiful and he would do stuff with me if he was my age. DISGUST at a major.
[x] People who are all about themselves
[x] Girls who wear fake gucci bags, yet walk around with their head up their ass acting like they are the shit.

five things you cant live without.
[x] Friends
[x] Peach tea
[x] Love
[x] Hugs
[x] Music

five things you'll do when you complete this.
[x] Watch true life
[x] WORKOUT. amen for that.
[x] Listen to fleetwood mac's "THE CHAIN"
[x] Chat online
[x] click the 'update' button

Five things you feel right now...
[x] Calm
[x] Nervous
[x] Inpatient
[x] Bored
[x] Unloved(LOL
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*((Lost deep inside my place to hide from how you make feel. [24 Jul 2003|07:36pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

Lol i feel bad, dina took me off her friends list =(.
Shes the one who gave me the livejournal, lmfao i must be doing something wrong, or i must be the biggest bitch in the nation. No hard feelings, dina's still a homey! =) xox

Hey if anybody knows where beyonce got those earrings in her crazy in love video let me know, i love them and its been driving me crazy because iwant some like that.

I want alchohal, all we have is like whiskey in my household. Thanks kelly, for turning me into you. I can never thank you enough my favorite alchohalic bitch. I know your a drunken slut, and your mad at me because i have full control and can hold my alchohal. But i still love you. =)

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*((I wont fade away bitches [24 Jul 2003|07:13pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Im like a big ball of PMS right now, everything and i mean everything is pissing me off. A bad time for me to want to be alone becase my family finally leaves for los angeles tomorrow, and im very excited to have the whole house for a week. My mom is pissing me off, and if she doesn't leave soon something bad will happen. Shes making me go to the galleria for school uniforms, and im not very excited about that at all, but atleast it's shopping =). I got mad at her and told her i hope she goes,loves it, and never comes back. she gave me a speech about "what if my plane crashed", and i really dont fucking feel like hearing the "WHAT IFS", because personally talking about death isn't very humorous or a plane crashing shouldn't be something she has to use against me. What a dick.

Rachels back in town! I love you rach. Im not sure if im staying with her tomorrow or not, we shall see.

Yesterday i did nothing, and i mean absolutely nothing but workout and watch tv. What a combo. Disgusting i know, but im actually excited for school to start because this will be my first year at a new school and AHHHHHHHHHH i went to olqh for 9 years with 95 people, and this is just gunna be an experience and amazing!

I talked to J until 6am and im very tired =(. Im out. Sorry my post today wasn't filled with exciting things/

OMG my stepdads's brother is staying here for the night and in the room next to mine. I feel like a stranger in my own HIZZOUSE. werd up to that shit. I love you kelly! P i M p OLOGY! and im sorry laur that i kept text messenging you during your good time, your friends probably thought i was weird.

AHHHHHHHHH i ordered rosebud salve with my visa buxx credit card, ghetto shit. Im so loving the life of a credit card, and im very mad at my fucking self because i'll never have the marc jacobs bag, because sarah gets paid shitloads of money, and i dont have a job. and she does, and shes gunna have it first. and we'll never be twins, and i'll be JEALOUS because i cant save up for shit.

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FRIENDS ONLY [23 Jul 2003|04:45pm]
[ mood | creative ]

If anyone can tell me how to post my friends only banner, i would love you. I dont think everyone should have the privelage of reading my entries, since im so interesting and all. =) Someone let me know, i know someone on this bitch knows.

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(**Move your head like a snake pa. [22 Jul 2003|11:24pm]
"OHHHH my love grows where my rosemary goes, and nobody knows like me"

Yay so not much to update on today- got a new phone- 337-304-1387. calll if you wanna talk. lol.

Im so obsessed http://www.chicagogigs.com/gallery/photos_archive/lifehouse/001.jpg
All i want is a guy who is a poet,has nice shaggy hair,wears cool clothes, sings, and plays acoustic guitar. Is that too much to ask?

I was dissappointed on paradise hotel tonight, like why did amanda go home? i thought the girl was gunna pick zack and the bitchiest broad ever kristin would be jetting away back to ghetto-ville where she belongs in her L.E.I jeans. Ok that was too deep, and probably offending. But i have nothing wrong with lei jeans, i have a problem with kristin. SHes so fucking sneaky and i hate her, also what the fuck is up with zack? Looks get you somewhere, but not far enough for a long period of time. Hello mr. cocky, with a penis shoved up his ass whose peeing blood and pmsing. HAHA gross, but seriously, he thinks hes fucking god given talent. I love him still *SIGH* but its slowly changing. I cant stand bad attitude. I love Beau, im so attracted to emotional, when he cried my heart melted. Tony is the ugliest bitch ever. She has no butt,huge silicone boobies, and pure muscley arms. maybe some guys find it attractive, because the model guy wanted to do a ROMANTIC photo shoot with her, god. hes so fucking gay for that one. Making sweet love to a MANNNNNNNNNNNNN with a vagina. Hermaphrodite there ladies and gentleman

I talked to ariel, my gorgeous black/other mixes friend, i love her so much and miss her. Shes been busy with basketball and volleyball this summer, but i miss the slut, and we're hanging out soon. i love you rellllllly.
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[22 Jul 2003|12:48pm]
My cellphone just arrived and it is charging as we speak!!!

PARADISE HOTEL COMES ON TONIGHT. zack is hot and obnoxious, amy is cute but not cute enough for zack,dave is grossifying,toni will tackle you if you dont think shes the star of the show,beau and alex are cute as always,kristins boobs are as real as my haircolor, but they do like kind of good. i mean not like i look at her boobs that are bigger then my head, buttt i need some boobs like her, and if all else fails, they can be used as flotation devices! ;) oh and how can i forgot charla? oh yea its easy. shes the loner and i hate her ways very much. Cant you just hook up a shawty, send one female to paradise hotel(pref. me) and just have me and all the guys, why does there have to be other broads in paradise? i hate girls

Reppin dat three-3-seven! WORD UP, homey g doggs.
have a lovely day'

Omg the gross mexican construction workers who are building the lovely house across the street are obnoxious and gross. Call me a bitch, but i hall ass when i see one of them, they are like pedofiles. gag me with a penis for that one. eww lindsey your so gross.
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((*There i go, turn the page. [21 Jul 2003|06:18pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I love metallica! Even though they did the cover for bob segar or whatever, it was the first song i played on acoustic guitar too, which i can no longer play because i havn't played in 6 years or so. Dont worry, homo's im coming back acoustic style. Im gunna be the next michelle branch that seduces your radio's with my smooth voice and acoustic guitar.

Elly-I joined that fashion dior community for you! just let me know what else they need from me so you can be a member! ;) xox

I just got done watching Made: i want to graduate. HAHA what a fucking goal, a 5th year senior. You expect people to go on the show saying they want to climb the fucking mount st. helen or become an artist when they draw stick people, but graduating and passing your grade should be a fucking walk, especially when you're doing the same thing 5 years in a row. Geez. People these days.

School starts in less then 30 days, um penis? penis.penis.penis. I have to go shopping, I'll probably hit the galleria(DESSA.HOLLER) we wear the ugliest uniforms, navy,darkgreen,or light blue polos(NO LACOSTE) with khaki or dark blue pants/shorts/capris/skirts. Im probably only wearing skirts, because its hot as shit, and i hate capri's and shorts have to be like knee length with pleats. Aint my style, you know you know.

All you los angelers:listen closely. My familia is going to be hittin you guys up in a week, YES ill be home by myself, my mom is leaving the house with me for whatever i want. There will be a party if your in town stop by. But back to the point everyone in los angeles tell me some good,clean, vintage shops that sell designer items. I plan on making a huge list for my mom to go to these places and buy me some stuff. So if you have ANY in the los angeles/san diego area, or any cool places lemme know. Holla at cha girl! ;)

I've randomed too much. Im out like a boner.

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((* I deserve a little more. [21 Jul 2003|11:35pm]
I realize i update like 24 times a day lately, but im high on life. it feels GREAT! ;)

guitar or drum player // toughie. Acoustic guitar, but drums run in my family. both are extremely hot, i wont give an essay though.
skater or surfer // surfer
brown or blue eyes // light green.im so difficult.
blonde or brunette // either
brains or looks // both to an extent. being smart is cool, i like having an intellectual conversation, but dont be overpowering.
hamburger or hot dog // hot dog
pie or cake // NONE.
apple or banana // Neither. Watermelon or orange
coke or pepsi // Tea or water
chicken or beef // chicken
oreos or chips ahoy // none.
pancakes or waffles // pancakes
chocolate or vanilla // none
strawberry or cherry // cherry
watermelon or cantaloupe // BOTH!
potato or macaroni salad // potato
wheat or white // white
tic tacs or altoids // tic tacs
sausage or bacon // sausage
sour cream and chive or BBQ // sour cream
baseball or football // both
swim or track // track
tennis or golf // tennis
skiing or sledding // skiing
bicycling or jogging // bike
pants or shorts // pants
zip up or pull over hoodie // zip up
sandals or tennis shoes // sandals
dresses or skirts // SKIRTSSSSSSSSSS
mittens or gloves // none
print or solid // both
punk or rock // rock
country or bubble gum pop // wtf? none
rap or techno // rap
guitar or drums // GUITARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR duh. im the next michelle branch
piano or violin // kelly is nerdy. none.
aladdin or lion king // aladdin
snow white or sleeping beauty // snow white
comedy or drama // comedy
horror or sci-fi // none
not another teen movie or scary movie // scary movie
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heyyy [21 Jul 2003|10:48pm]

everyone join community diorwhores

say that i told you to join so i can get in too. its gunna be alot of fun, its all about fashion,makeup,handbags,shoes,designers anything relating to fashion, which i know all my woman on here love, so joiiin! ;)

Just got done doing 300 crunches, and 100 pushups. im all hyper and pumped, and did i ever mention that my mother got me a visa buxx? which is a credit card, that she adds the money on, so im finding any and everything to want at the moment.


I THINK THAT IS SOOOO ADORABLE. Im very girly, so i think that would be a rad bag to get, all i need to do is save up for a few years. lol kidding. donations accepted! holler
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[20 Jul 2003|11:52pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Test Results

You think of yourself as being Wild, Girly, Out going, and Classy.
Others think of you as being Leader, Friendly, Easy Going, and Mysterious.
Your relationships can be described as Cold, Beautiful, Open Minded, and Reality Escape.
When stressed, you feel Alone.
Take this test here.

I guess some of it is right? Maybe? Im Classy Trash! isn't that an amazing oxymoron to describe me? I'm like mega-bitch yet i remain classy at the same time. SCORE! lol im kidding. I'm also innocent in every shape of form, just ask kelly she knows me pretty good. Im like Mrs. Mommy, make sure everyone is sober while i prance around in my D.A.R.E shirt with malibu/orange juice in my drank! HOLLEERRRRR

I so need a life. Im mega bored. Its sunday and i should be asking forgiveness of my dirty mouth and sins.
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