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There aint noone that can buy our innocence

we are innocent...

LINDZ*...cigarettes & stiletto's
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Im Lindsey. I could tell you what i look like, but it changes as often as "JLO" changes boyfriends. (note my horrible attempt at wittyness) I probably wear too much makeup, and my bestfriend is the straightening iron.

I use to be really into acoustic guitar, and i just got back into playing because i love writing and singing. Its one of my greatest passions. Im also getting into photography, which i'll inform you on once i get good. (which will probably be never)

I smoke the occasional cigarette, and i might have a few beers. Dont like it? Blow me.

Im into fashion. Ebay is my hobby. I love designers. Doesn't make me materialistic. If it does, what does it matter to you? Its NOT you buying it.

Add me to your friends list if you know whats good for you.

Also take notice in my different types of music i like. So what if i like dave matthews but can enjoy norma jean, and jam to duran duran, while relaxing to sarah mclachlan. if it makes me a poser in your eyes, lick my 9, bizzitch.